Justen's Handywork

by Justen Hanslow
(Palmerston NT )

Justen's two barra he caught by hand

Justen's two barra he caught by hand

My name is Justen Hanslow and I am 11 years old.

Whilst camping out along the Douglas River recently, I was chasing a goanna along the riverbank. I came to a two way split in the river, and chased the goanna along the right hand side of the split.

Then I saw 2 splashing shapes in the water, a little way up the river. The goanna turned and ran off into the bush and I went to investigate the splashes.

When I got there, I saw 2 large barramundi hiding in the shallow water underneath a log. One swam off, so I followed it to try and get it. The barramundi went under another log about 50m up the river, so I grabbed the barra out with my hands and threw it up to the shore. Then I went to get the other barra back down the river.

The first barra was still hiding under the log, and when I approached it, it swam off, so I followed it. Finally, it slowed down, then I grabbed it with my hands and threw it up onto the shore.

I picked up both of the barramundi in my shirt and carried them both back to our campsite where I showed them to my mum and grandma who were back at the camp.

They were very happy. We did not have a fishing knife to fillet the barra with, so we made a deal with a tourist that we use his fishing knife in return for us giving him a fillet from one of the barra.

I cooked the barra for my family and it tasted delicious!

The barra were caught by me without a handline or fishing rod. But it sure was fun!!

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well done! :!
by: Brock-Y

aw yeah, nice handywork lil man.. . were they great eating? aha gamon.. . well i'm owtter ere, l8ers joel's brotther.''


by: Anna

Wow that is an amazing skill by Justen Hanslow. I can’t even imagine catching a fish by using only hands. I really like the trick that you have used to catch those fish and next time I will try it.

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