Barramundi Fishing Records

Barramundi Fishing Records achieved by Darwins Barra Base clients fishing the tidal creeks and seas of the Northern Territory.

Record Black JewfishDarwins Barra Base lands the Biggest Jewfish in the NT for approx. 35 years

Landing Metre Plus to 1.4m Barramundi beauties is a trait that Darwin's Barra Base has grown its name and pride from in the last 10 years.

We have landed either the biggest and or the second biggest guide chartered Barramundi in the NT in the last 7 out of 10 years.

Check the records and photos below.

•             2005 - (12) largest 115 & 120cm; (NT Biggest in 2005);

•             2006 - (23) largest 128 & 130cm; (2nd Biggest in 2006)

•             2007 - (35) largest 129 & 140cm; (NT Biggest in 2007)

•             2008 - (38) largest 125 & 131cm; (NT Biggest in 2008)

•             2009 - (42) largest 2 x 120 and 125cm; (NT Biggest in 2009)

•             2010 - (39) largest 118cm & 122cm Barra (2nd Biggest in 2010)

•             2011 - (36) largest 119cm & 128cm Barra (NT Biggest in 2011)

•             2012 - (32) largest 114cm & 116cm Barra (3rd Biggest in 2012)

•             2013 (28) largest 113cm & 115cm Barra – Drought year much like 2005.

•             2014 (33) largest 118cm Barra as at 27th Oct 14. Read more here...

•             2017 is your Year to Claim The Record. Taking BOOKINGs NOW.

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Michael Stephenson’s 115cm BarraMichael Stephenson’s 115cm Barra

Michael Stephenson’s 115cm Barra landed @ Dockerty’s Creek Anson Bay

Michael Stevenson, from Newcastle, NSW, hit the mother lode when he caught a 115cm, 35 pond barra on a Mothership Safari at the mouth of the Daly River.

Michael was using a 10ft Sarra Classic Lure, and was guided by Allan Beale from Darwin's Barra Base. In a session that also produced barra at 98cm, 95cm and 91cm. - from NT News

Allan McGrath 113cm BarraAllan McGrath 113cm Barra

Allan McGrath 113cm Barra landed @ Love Creek in March 2013.

110cm Barra - The one to beat in 2013
Jack landed this 110cm barra with Dad's help
Landed on 24/01/2013 by Jack
(with Dad's help)

Chris and Jack landed two Metre+ Barra at the Adelaide River mouth on the 24th January with Darwins Barra Base Senior Guide Rob Foster.
See a photo of the 107cm Barra.

Claire with 60lb Barramundi
60+LB Barra for Claire

big 129cm barramundi
129cm Barra from 2007

giant barramundi
Bret Torosi landed this 140cm Barramundi

Giant Barramundi from Shady camp
Paul Whitaker's 125cm Giant Barra

120cm Barramundi from Tommycut Creek
120cm Barramundi from Tommycut Creek

I do admit during these run off periods all these larger beautiful females have been landed at Shady Camp, in Sampan or Tommy cut Creeks and or the coastal creeks to Chamber's Bay or Finke Bay.

Darwin's Barra Base prides itself in delivering to you an awesome experience when completing our Extended Barra Run Off Fishing Safaris during spring tides, and if the wind blows like it did for Charlie McCallief Savage Seas Adventures (as witnessed by his DVD production) tremendous Barramundi Fishing is had during these spring tides up the top of Tommy Cut Creek and Sampan Creek. So no matter what the tide or the weather during the Run-Off Barramundi Fishing season everyone has a fantastic time.

Look for a fishing schedule that will give you the best chance of landing one of these magnificent fish.

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Claire barramundi

Allan's Barra

Brazier Barramundi

Yates Barra

Darwin Sailfish

Jarrod Day Barra

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million dollar barramundi fishingGreat fish! but the Milion Dollar Barra is still out there.

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Anth & Dani's Big Trip Anth & Dani "What an amazing trip, we had tried all types of fishing from rivers, deep channels, poppers, bait fishing, trolling and lure fishing. We were amazed at the variety of fish and beauty of the place. Special thanks to Allan and Heather for their hospitality, we highly recommend Darwin's Barra Base if you are coming to the Territory"

Yates Big BarraBig Barra

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